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Thread: YVR Job Opportunities / Information?!

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    Default YVR Job Opportunities / Information?!

    Hey guys, sorry to barge right in, but here's the skinny: Native Vancouverite currently working out of Paris ORY absolutely DYING to come home again....but not willing to leave the Airline Industry.....suggestions, vacancies, anything? Anything you can help me with would be much appreciated.

    Have been hired by British National Airline out of London to start in 2 months.....(any guesses? ) and as much as I'd like to say yes....I'd prefer to say yes to Vancouver....

    Submitted applications to AC, ACJ and Westjet....any other openings?

    Cheers kids
    --Crazy Canuck

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    sorry posted the wrong response.

    honestly what i'd do is to submit your resume to every canadian airline based in YVR that you're interested in. so even if they're not currently hiring they'll have your resume on file. just like how AC did with the mass hiring in toronto.


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    thanks for your quick response dreams....much appreciated

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    You can apply to Harmony Airways and Zoom but they did hire in the Spring. So maybe you should check the vacancies on this board. WS is out of YYC if you are willing to live there for awhile...
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    hi guys i was jus wonbdering if there are any job opening in any of the airlines in vancouver. If so, what website do i apply to. im really interested in working for airlines but i can not find any website to appy to. Thank you for your help.

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    I'm not a flight attendant, but a maintenance crew. All I can say is that if you want to apply to work for an Air Canada, Westjet, Air Canada Jazz, Air Transat....etc. You'll have to check their job posting area for any openings. If you don't find the job posting that you want, you'll have to wait until they do post it. Then you'll be able to submit your resume online.

    For Air Canada and Jazz i know it's almost impossible to go directly to their building and drop off your resume. They don't like it when you do that. They'll just reply...we have an online employment system, please submit your resume there.

    And as for Westjet (Westjetter correct me if i'm wrong) I believe you can pay the WJ building in Calgary a visit and also drop off your resume. I heard that they are very friendly people. So cheers!

    I could be wrong, but this is the experience i have been through or heard from others when i first started out in aviation.

    If you're going for Maintenance's pretty rough times for us. I can get into the negative stuff, but i wouldn't want to do that.
    As for pilots, currently some airlines are hiring.
    Flight attendants, yep there are some hiring going on.

    If you're applying for flight attendant and pilot position, now seems like a good time. Because summer is just around the corner and airplanes will be flying all the time.

    Bad news for maintenance crew. Won't be that much jobs cause all the airplanes are flying. Just regular service checks and some light maintenance for the ground crew to do.
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