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Thread: Nonrev travel on AA

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    Default Nonrev travel on AA

    Nonreving on AA today....wondering if we have any access to their availability of seats on ccs or shares. Or if anyone knows anyone who has access to that info. Thanks.

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    I non-rev on AA every month. The way I check out seat avail. is thru the AA web site. Go to and you can either go to the drop down menu about flight info & seat avail or from the home page put in your city pair info and the flights for that day will come up and you will see a prompt for seat avail or chart and that will give you a pretty accurate idea of how many seats are still avail. It is not 100% accurate but, close enough.

    Good luck,


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    Quote Originally Posted by danaintc View Post
    ...either go to the drop down menu about flight info & seat avail...
    I don't see that anywhere???

    Is it the same seat map that comes up when making a fare search?

    Oh, and by the way, the views expressed are mine and have not been reviewed or approved by Continental. So there!

    (I'm a firm believer in CYA!)

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    2 ways to do this:

    go to or

    this home screen should show a place to put in your flight info - city pairs, date, one way, rt, etc...

    put in the cities you are trying to fly to and dates

    enter or go

    next screen will show avail flights for the cities you want to fly to

    on this screen you will see 'view seats'

    click 'view seats' and you will see the seat map for the flight which will show you avail seats and reserved seats

    The 2nd way to get here is to:

    go to or

    to the left of the screen you will see different subjects to click on

    go to 'reservations'

    drop down menu will show 'view avail. seats'

    click 'view avail. seats'

    follow info prompts that are asked for and you will end up at the seating chart which will show avail seats and reserved seats for a particular flight.

    Good luck,


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    I have the employee and other airline telephone number you can call. Pvt me if you need it.

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    Just go to jetnet and you can check flights also you check out codeshare flights by clicking the link from jetnet.

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    Hi, you can call 1888-WEFLYAA and follow the prompt for "unable to list on jetnet or if you are an employee of another airline" and you will be connected to someone who will assist you. Jetnet is only for active employees. Good luck.

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    Hi there....I travel on AA at least twice a month and I check it on Just put in your city pair and dates and then follow the steps to check ävailable seats" it's pretty accurate. Good Luck.
    Also, does anyone here is interested in exchanging companion passes? I would love to have my sister with me in LAS for New Year's Celebration and only you guys and COX travel there. Please let me know...thanks!!


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