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Thread: JFK Crashpads

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    Talking JFK Crashpads

    Hi All:

    Reporting for duty 01JAN in NYC all the way from HNL...yeah, I know, I must be crazy! lol...any info on local crashpads and other cheapy hotel, motel, Holiday Inn's for the time being before I make the move permanent?

    Thanks in advance! =)
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    Default JFK crashpad

    Are you still looking?
    We have 1 opening in our Richmond Hill crashpad near JFK. It's on the Q10 busline to JFK terminal 4, about 30 mins bus ride.

  3. Default There is a new Crash pad opening in Kew Gardens

    Well managed
    Great Location
    Very clean
    $275.00 a month


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    Will be looking for a crashpad around May or June - need equal access to JFK/LGA - convenient access to groceries, laundry, subway etc.

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    the Q10 bus line to JFK terminal 4, about 30 mins bus ride. i like it


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